HIWARE, Upgrade Your Life

Threat Analytic

Threat Analytic


HIWARE use Artificial Intelligence to prevent an insider threats which can not be predicted by human

Based on the data which have been accumulated over a decade through R&D on Identity and access management, HIWARE has extrated use patterns. Under such patterns, HIWARE analyzes user behavior in realtime, exceeding conventional access management technologies, predicts user risk behavior through which unusual acts can be detected and prevented in advance. In addition, it is being upgraded to a more powerful solution everyday through the continued anlysis of client’s use patterns as well as conventional patterns and auto-update, using AI-based deep learning technology.
  • Enhance security by completely preventing security incident in advance
  • Cost saving compared to high-cost detecting abnormal behavior
  • Risk management to paradigm shift in IT infrastructure security
  • Extremely efficiency at security control
Main Features
  • Creation of user behavior index by analyzing user pattern history

  • Detection of abnormal user behavior patterns which are different from normal user behavior pattenrs

  • Notification and blocking of the detected abnormal user activity

  • Automatic user pattern update through AI-based machine learning

  • Advanced risk prediction through the clustering of risk behavior patterns and analysis of user patterns and similarity

  • Detection of smart illegal behavior which is evaded the policy