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Privileged Session Management for Database

Privileged Session Management for Database


There should be the least authority concerning the company’s core information

In an era of explosive data growth, companies are exposed to a threat of diverse forms of data leak accidents such as leak of personal information and confidential documents. With the concentration of DBA authority, in addition, the leak of administrator account can cause a huge damage.
HIWARE Privileged Session Management for Database grants access to personal information database and authority differentially by each user and prevents such information leak through SQL audit and log records.
HIWARE Privileged Session Management Solutions
Main Features
  • Enhanced User Authentication
    • Blocks unauthenticated IP/MAC address
    • Support OTP authentication at solution login or individual system access
    • Diverse authentication-linked APIs
    • Diverse authentication combinations(RSA OTP, Accredited Certificate, LDAP, etc.) support
  • Access Authority Management
    • Manages each user according to the policy
    • Centralized access authority allocation and management
      (access IP, access MAC, access time)
    • Diverse DBMS support(Oracle, MS-SQL, DB2, SYBASE IQ, HANA DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB)
    • Important data masking
    • Unifies all remote accesses
    • Alarms the access and automatically blocks it when attempted by an unauthorized user
  • DBMS Query Management
    • Query authority setting and control under diverse conditions such as group/ device
    • Banned keywords(white-list/ black-list)
    • Warns and blocks the session as soon as a banned query is entered
    • Immediately contacts the manager by text or email and requests approval when an important query is entered
    • Manages all history of the query use
  • Realtime Session Management
    • Realtime monitoring on ongoing sessions
    • Sends a one-on-one message to users
    • Auto blocking a session in the event of an illegal activity
    • Sets work hours or idle time by the hour/ day/ etc
    • Blocks an overtime session
  • Log Recording / Audit
    • Saves log records on all work details from login to logout
    • Searches the log records which have been stored by user/ system/ query through a inquiry filter
    • Inquires the logs of SQL, SQL result in text format
    • Speed control and split screen replay at save log replay time
  • Prevents a security breach

    by granting authority differentially to each user and by managing access time
  • Minimizes a human error

    by managing Query inputs
  • Enhances audit efficiency

    by providing an integrated report on all user accesses and activities